May 14, 2013

Dear NHCS Family,

This week the school board and staff of North Hills Christian School met to finalize our decision to close the school at the end of this school year. As you may well imagine, this was heart-rending for us and tears were shed. None of us have approached this decision lightly. Every effort was made to perpetuate the forty-one-year legacy of NHCS. Due to educational circumstances beyond our control, we humbly acknowledge God's hand leading us to close.

Therefore, we wanted to let each family know of our decision immediately. It is our desire that you have adequate time to enroll your children elsewhere next fall. Thank you so much for supporting NHCS with your time and monies. More importantly, thank you for allowing us to invest in the lives of your children. Even as we met to close the school, prayers were offered to the Lord to allow the influence of our Christian values to remain in the hearts of our pupils.

These teachers have poured their hearts and lives into your children. They need your support now more than ever. All of their lives will be greatly affected (as you may well imagine) and some will need to move in order to find new employment. Please pray for them as God leads them to their next area of service. We will do what we can to provide every possible advantage for them and for your students in the coming months.

School records will be maintained at Fellowship Baptist Church. Should that situation change, we will turn the records over to an appropriate agency which will be capable of disbursing those records at your request. Should you have any further questions, please contact our office or our principal, Carol Bishop. Thank you, again, for partnering with NHCS for the education of your children. They are our greatest treasure and worthy of every sound investment we make. May the Lord give you wisdom in rearing them for His glory (Isaiah 40:31).

Regretfully yours,

Pastor Bob Harrison, Jr.
Mr. Dick Bishop
Dr. Kerry Walker
The NHCS School Board